"What People Are Saying"

I knew he was reactive but thought I could handle him. So many people told me to just expose him to everything and he would get better. Instead of getting better, he got worse every time I took him somewhere or even when riding him around my own property. Any little thing could startle him, but I kept going thinking that he would get used to things. His spooks were never huge, so I kept trying to do what I thought was right. After my fall I was angry and to tell you the truth, a little hurt in both pride and my feelings. I had given my horse every thing I thought he needed not to mention he had a great herd to hang out with on 10 acres. What more could he possibly want or need? Kathy explained to me that I had done so many things right, but I was missing a very crucial part of a good relationship. She showed me how to help my horse relax; How to get him to trust me and to look to me for decisions, instead of taking over as he was used to doing. I thought I had a good relationship with my guy, but I was so wrong. In all my years of lessons, no one ever told me the things that Kathy was teaching me. I had no idea that we were missing so much! I just loaded my horse the other day without a halter or lead rope. We walked to the back of the trailer and he very slowly stepped in just as he was asked. The last time I took him somewhere, it took over an hour to load him. He waits to see what I am doing before he makes a decision. I go to get him from the pasture and walk him to the barn at liberty. His ears were untouchable but now he lowers his head for a scratch. I can touch him anywhere and he does not worry. The most interesting part of all of this is that I did’t touch him everywhere for him to not worry. I didn’t back him up time and time again to get him to back up so lightly that it feels like he is bouncing off my suggestion. When I take him away from his herd he no longer worries about not being with them. Kathy has shown me how to be his leader, plain and simple. She has shown me how to help him relax when something might get a little scary for him. She has shown me how to be the one he wants to be with, the one he wants to trust and wait for. In the process of “teaching my horse” a funny thing happened. I learned to feel for my horse. I learned to read his emotions so much more than I ever thought possible. I learned to wait for him too. Thanks Kathy, you have changed my life and that of my horse. We are both grateful!

Mary Augustine
Cypress, TX
I acquired the Mustang from the Bureau of Land Management in 2001 and the Quarter was given to me by his previous breeder/owner after the horse charged him and broke his ribs in 2008. I had issues with both of them—the Mustang would occasionally bolt through fences or begin a bone-jarring buck from a rocking-chair canter or refuse to canter. The Quarter horse did everything I asked of him, but seemed very pent up and apprehensive as he didn’t quite trust people. I attended over a dozen horse seminars by internationally known trainers who worked with the Mustang; however, they were unable to change his behavior or unlock the key to his mind. I was able to accomplish many of the “natural horsemanship” maneuvers and exercises with both equines and was considered a great pupil because the horse and I worked as a team and were able to move through the exercises in a calm, controlled matter in a short period of time. I met Kathy Moore in 2000 and watched her develop as an equine trainer without equal. She came and worked with my horses on two separate occasions. Both horses relaxed and became more inquisitive and involved with her and me. It was amazing! Kathy was able to read and understand their issues, ask more of both, and bring them to a more relaxed state than I’d ever seen while being willing to do more with me as well. I would recommend her as a trainer of both horse and owner without reservation.

Kim Dula
Rock Springs, TX
From the first lesson with Kathy I gained a better understanding of my horse and myself as a leader. Over the past eight months I have gained the confidence on the ground and in the saddle that has made riding a pleasure and not something to be feared. I am grateful to her and her method of natural horsemanship for bringing me to this point.

Carol Wells
Temple, TX
You leave with better communication with your horse. Kathy is an excellent teacher. She teaches you to pay attention to the little things your horse is saying that can solve a lot of problems. You will have a better experience with your horse if you have a partnership. When I got my horse, BB, in 2007; I had no clue what to do with him. After the vet came out and talked with me, he realized I needed HELP. He recommended Kathy Moore. I called her immediately. My classes with Kathy have given me the knowledge I needed to work with my horse as a leader using natural horsemanship. Kathy is a great trainer of people and horses. I am looking forward to continuing my classes with her. BB follows me around like a puppy.

Mary Hayes
Tomball, TX
She goes way beyond the call of duty. She is always there when I have a problem or a question. I have been around horses all of my life and no one has taught me what she has. I've learned alot about myself as much as I have learned about my horse. She has a wonderful connection with horses.

Gina White
Little River Academy, TX
She has the ability to read horses and people with astounding accuracy. Kathy is a horse person who is able to share her knowledge with horse owners and put her recommendation into a workable plan of action. We strongly recommend Kathy to anyone who wishes to improve their relationship and understanding of their horses.

Bill Block
Salado, TX
I remember coming home from this clinic, using my skills that I had learned, and impressing other boarders with my little 21 year old mare. She backed up with a wiggle of a finger, I could send her over barrels, send her circling around me by just pointing, send her sideways down a fence, ride and felt safe riding her in a natural hackamore, and best part she would "catch me" when I came to the barn... Kathy worked with us and taught us how to communicate in a way our horses would understand. She is now working with my new horse and I am so pleased with his progress after just two lessons. Kathy is patient and very generous with her time. She teaches the horse and then teaches the student, and waits until the horse and student both understand. I am very excited to continue learning natural horsemanship with Kathy. Highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants to have a better relationship with their horse!

Tracy White
Tomball, TX
Today, I am so looking forward to her doing the same with my new filly. She is patient, kind, and very knowledgeable to the ways of horses. I am so lucky to have her to call on when needed.

Ann Anderson
Conroe, TX
Kathy is truly gifted at reading and influencing horse behavior and at developing those skills in her students. Her training style is upbeat and positive. She inspires students to pursue higher levels of equine language and leadership resulting in a very special bond between students and their equine partners.

Shannon Mercer
Houston, Texas
We pulled up to my mom's pasture and Max, my most reactive horse, had gotten himself on the wrong side of the slick wire and had gotten separated from the herd. I kept calm and my wits about me and used all of my *responsibilities*, and he maintained all of his. This guy, who usually hates having his ears messed with, accepted me having to press and then rest the (inactive) hotwire and then slick wire over his ears and onto his neck. I played friendly to keep him there with me and connected and stepped on the low wire, and picked up one front hoof and lightly put it through, then gently tapped the back of the other one and he copied the same move with that hoof. At that point I was able to tap "go" on his withers and he slowly limboed out into the right part of the pasture and WALKED to rejoin the herd. You are an amazing teacher, Kathy!

Danielle Doehring Sellier
Magnolia, Texas
Originally, my goal was to help Ivan re-learn how to load onto a trailer. For whatever reason, he had become very frightened of loading and downright obstinate. The difficulty with loading was preventing us from making trail rides - and had become a potential emergency issue in the event he needed to see a vet. Sure enough, right before Ivan and I started working with Kathy, he had an eye injury and had to be loaded to go to the vet. A portion of that rather stressful process is on this website. Of course, the stress was building as I dreaded attempting to load him to come home. Kathy was an absolute saint and met me at the vet. She "played" games with Ivan for some time ending with "sending" him into the trailer. I couldn't believe it. This was a horse that had become virtually impossible to load. My main objective was to be able to point to the trailer and have Ivan get on. We have achieved that objective. However, Ivan and I are continuing to learn so much more. Ivan Is obviously happier and my confidence while riding has been restored. Ivan, in spite of his loading issues, was a wonderful horse. With Kathy's help, he is becoming an absolutely great horse - and most certainly a happier horse.

Sherri Richard
Tomball, Texas
My newly acquired horse that was supposed to be for "beginners" was very reactive, frightened of everything and was downright dangerous to be around. Kathy took on the challenge of teaching us both to conquer our fears and learn to communicate and trust each other. She has an amazing ability to read horses and people alike, and she truly cares about helping you achieve your goals at your pace. I would recommend Kathy without hesitation as a very knowledgeable, conscientious and professional trainer. Thanks to her, my relationship with my horse has been totally transformed into a true partnership. Kathy provides the calm leadership, patience and encouragement necessary to bring out the greatest potential in you and your horse.

Rhonda Russo
Hempstead, Texas
At first I didn’t get it – smile at my horse …huh? “The Friendly Game”? You see, smiling relaxes us and makes us more approachable; it’s foundational in building a solid, trusting relationship with your horse and transferrable in all aspects of our daily lives. I was hooked. As a horse owner and a business owner, the lessons I learned from Kathy’s natural horsemanship principles integrated into all aspects of my life. Today, I have a strong, trusting relationship with an emotionally fit herd of horses and quality of life tools living the natural horse principles Kathy so clearly, concisely, consistently taught. I am forever grateful for the life changing experiential opportunity I stumbled into so many years ago as a natural horsemanship student of Kathy.

Machal Jordan
Santa Fe, New Mexico
The primary training effort has been on our two older horses ages 19 and 21. Prior to our work with Kathy, our horses were bored, shut down and disconnected. By teaching us how to teach our horses new ways of connection through feel and rhythm, we are noticing a significant and consistent shift. Kathy is teaching us how to better read our horses. In doing so, our horses are more connected to us, more responsive, yet more relaxed and confident. Our ground lessons and riding lessons are transforming our horses into partners. Thank you Kathy Moore!

Janet Nicholas
Magnolia, Texas
My friend told me about Kathy's training and how it made a difference in her horse's repetitive bad behaviors. Kathy started working with Tessa and her two horses. Tessa learned to read what her horses were thinking based on their actions. Kathy taught her how to be the herd leader in horse language. She learned to establish boundaries with the horse who liked to out-think her and buck her off. Tessa learned to tell the other horse he was safe, and that riding was fun. His whole face changed as Kathy taught Tessa how to get him to relax and be happy to be groomed and ridden. Tessa uses this information daily. Kathy taught Tessa how to know what the horse is thinking and this makes Tessa safer than any other horse training method I know. Kathy is patient with both horse and rider. She does a lot of ground work before the student ever gets on the horse. Kathy also taught Tessa and her horse how to ride without a bridle and ride with her seat. I would heartily recommend Kathy to anyone who wants to communicate with their horse peacefully. Kathy is an answer to my prayers. I knew there had to be a better way- I just didn't know what that was until I found Kathy and Natural Horsemanship.

Jessica Respondek
Belton, Texas