Sugarfoot Jog Ranch understands the horse-human connection. The horse and rider program at Sugarfoot Jog Ranch evaluates each horse's personality and the relationship between horse and rider. These insights are fundamental to the development of a collaborative, communicative, respectful relationship between you and your horse.

By teaching 4 simple foundational truths and helping you to understand the difference between prey/predator behavior……Kathy can help you look at situations from your horse’s point of view. You will begin to learn about herd culture and how horses communicate with each other. You will learn the tools that you need to help enhance your communication with your horse so that he starts to see you as not only part of his herd, but as his natural leader. You will learn to read your horse so that you know when to ask and when not to ask so that you set your horse up for success.

Most importantly you will learn THE SECRET to knowing how he understands that he did the right thing. This knowledge will help you begin to have a two way conversation (relationship) with your horse where; misunderstandings are eliminated, where your interpersonal communication with your horse is improved and elevated to a higher level and where you and your horse will begin to relax, be safer and enjoy each other. You will learn to put your relationship first and never sacrifice it for the end result. This in turn enhances and improves ALL the interpersonal communication and relationships in your life…..